Installation of Smart Systems aluminium bi-fold doors – before and after


Alu bifolds before


Alu bifolds after

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Jules Rimet still gleaming

Turned out to be a Wednesday of woe – but there’s still the strong possibility of giving the Belgian side a good spanking tomorrow. In brighter news, we managed to get two Admiral adverts onto Wednesday’s Oxford Mail front page. Can you spot the second one?

Oxford Mail with ad

Five signs you need to replace your uPVC windows

UPVC windows are one of the most cost-efficient, high-quality and easy to maintain windows available. However, there comes a time when your uPVC windows need replacing. Therefore, it’s important you’re aware of the warning signs that could be putting your home, your health, and your bank balance at risk.

So, to help you out, here are 5 signs you need to replace your uPVC windows.

  1. Your home is draughty


One of the signs that your windows need replacing is the presence of draughts in your home. Often, people tend to notice draughts in their home during the winter. Not only are draughts uncomfortable and cold, they are also a common sign of insulation failure.

Did you know that having draughty windows can cause your energy bills to be around 10-25% higher? Draughts can be an expensive problem! Therefore, to reduce your outgoings, it is worth considering replacing your windows with energy-efficient alternatives. Things like double-glazing in new windows can have a significant impact!

  1. Curtains, carpets, and furniture materials are faded


Have you started noticing that the materials in your home are starting to fade in colour? If the faded materials are close to the window, it’s likely the culprit is single paned glass or old windows that no longer keep out the UV rays. If you think the materials in your home are becoming faded or the plant leaves are yellowing, it may be worth considering a uPVC window replacement.

If you replace your windows with quality double glazing and UV protection panes, you can increase the natural light in your home safely and effectively while also reducing sun glare.

  1. Problems with condensation


One of the most telling signs there are problems with your current windows is condensation. Despite the fact your windows may be double-glazed, there is still the possibility of humidity and moisture infiltration as the windows age. Although there are steps you can take to reduce condensation in your home, the best solution is to replace your windows.

Problems with condensation are often a sign your windows are experiencing seal failure, which happens to old windows over time. Experiencing condensation is another important sign that you may need to replace the glass of your windows.

  1. You’re experiencing noise pollution


Have you found that you’re experiencing a lot of noise in your home, even when all the windows and doors are closed? Have you ever heard of something called noise pollution? Experiencing constant noise from outside, whether from people, weather or traffic, is considered noise pollution and can lead to severe stress and frustration for many family members.

Although we don’t often have control over the noise happening outside, there are ways it can be kept out of our homes. One of the best ways you can do this is by replacing your windows with high-quality, double-glazed uPVC replacements. This should keep your home free from noise, protected, and comfortable.

  1. You don’t have double glazing


An absolute must for every property in the UK is double glazing. There are so many benefits to double-glazed windows, including energy-efficiency, security, durability, and reduced noise pollution. However, if your home was built before 1970 it might have the original single pane windows in place. Single pane windows can put the security of your home at risk, they let in noise, and they are extremely inefficient, raising your bills exponentially.

If you don’t have double-glazed windows you have been seriously missing out. Prioritise replacing all your single glazed window panes with double glazing to help make your home more comfortable and even raise its market value!

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This is a guest post by Rachel from Bamboo Nine.

Author Bio

Rachel is a professional copywriter specialising in high-quality content for a variety of websites. She is passionate about home improvement projects and keen to share her knowledge with others.


Watching the sky: lantern roofs

Does your flat-roofed extension cause adjoining rooms to be too dark? Adding one or more lantern roofs to a flat-roofed extension can transform the space into a desirable living area that is flooded with natural light. This is also likely to add value when it comes time to sell the house.

We can install lantern roofs made with either uPVC or aluminium frames. The latter are usually slimmer (and more expensive) than uPVC frames, so aluminium lanterns offer a greater glazed area – more glass; less frame. With that said, the frames can be attractive design elements in themselves. Lantern roofs are available in various sizes, from a 1 metre square upwards.

Atlas roof (aluminium)
Farndon Road 2
Skypod roof (uPVC)

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Well I never!

This blog-post shows the work that goes into even a small lean-to conservatory. We think that the result here on the Berkshire Downs looks fabulous.

Let’s begin with some shovel work. If there’s one thing that’s better than actually doing shovel work, it’s writing about someone else doing shovel work.


Err … Houston … we have a problem.


Extra ground work was required to cap over the remains of this historic well. Thanks to project manager Simon, this complication added just one day to the build.




This conservatory has blockwork walls, which we shall render later. The picture above shows the outer skin of blockwork, with the damp-proof course in-situ.


Lee constructs new steps up to the conservatory.


Happy workers; hard at it. That’s what I like to see.


Once the foundations, the floor screed and the new walls have dried, our construction team arrives on site. It doesn’t take long for them to fit the new frames.


A good sense of balance is an important attribute for our fitters.



It’s not yet lunchtime on construction day 2, and already the glazing has been installed.


A few days later and the rendering is completed. In this case, our customer has opted to do the internal plasterwork and flooring themself, so all that remains is for our electrician to install a wall light and a power socket.

img_0472 straightened

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Installation of bi-folding doors: a time-lapse video

Watch as we replace a pair of French doors and side windows with new uPVC bi-folding doors. You’ll see that the installation was completed comfortably in one day. The video can be found on Admiral Windows’ Facebook page here. For those without access to Facebook, here are two screenshots taken from the video.


Replacing French doors with uPVC bifolds_BEFORE


Replacing French doors with uPVC bifolds_AFTER

Tired of paying for window cleaning?

What’s the worst thing about cleaning upstairs windows?

For some people, it’s going up ladders; for others, it’s paying someone else to go up ladders.

We have a solution that will make your life easier and safer – tilt and turn windows. With easy access to the outside glass from inside the property, tilt and turn windows make a practical and stylish alternative to casement windows. The design also allows the window to be tilted open for ventilation. See more on our website.

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